About Us

A team of home-grown Michigan attorneys and small business owners working in tandem with banks and financial services providers. WHO better to connect Michigan businesses and Michigan investors than Michigan legal, business, and financial experts? Keepin’ it in the Mitten.

For lack of a better term—or just because this might actually be the most accurate term—we are the middlemen. We connect Michiganders looking to keep their investment dollars local with promising small and start-up businesses in the state in search of the capital each needs to get rolling and turn ideas into action.

While no investment is ever a sure thing, by verifying a business’s legitimacy and sincerity, we provide investors with an extra layer of security before the placing hard-earned dollars behind an endeavor. At the same time, we provide business owners the platform to display their companies to the state and the exposure to invite involvement from any and every Michigander.

Because we believe in local investing! Over the years, the investment industry has removed the investor so far from the actual, physical handling of the investor’s dollars that it is commonplace today for individuals holding securities to have absolutely no idea what companies they are invested in or what those companies do. Through the MILE, investors can see, touch, hear, and smell their investments because the businesses are right around the corner.

Not only that, but we believe in Michigan! Rather than throw money out of the state to some business residing in California, Canada, or, heck, China, why not support homegrown ideas and businesses right here in the state you live in and love? A successful business here boosts the local economy and helps all Michiganders.

Really, this part is up to you—we just needed to include “When” in the lineup. Wouldn’t sound quite right without it, you know? (But, if we may, we suggest NOW!) Get involved!

We’re guessing you have figured this part out by now, but the “Where” is MICHIGAN! We are located in Michigan and are focused solely on making local investment connections within this great state.

… How
(This one was so important, we gave it its own page! Here.)


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